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​Visualize presentation

It is widely used by clients who say "I have design drawings and models, but I don't really understand the finished image" to professional partners who want to give a presentation so that anyone can clearly understand the design.

By creating VR (virtual reality) using CG as well as CG (computer graphics) for still images, it is possible to share the completed image with all concerned parties, which has been very well received.


​​​ Please click the URL below to view VR from the Internet. You can move inside the building while tapping the circle. You can also feel free to experience it with your smartphone and VR goggles.

Click the URL below for reference VR ↓  

No.X. Oku Kawaguchiko Project

NoZ.A Hotel Project

​CG example of still image

IMG_1161 2.JPG
main room のコピー.jpg
B-B - コピー.jpg
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